Hey guys, this whole not working thing has me all topsy turvy when it comes to what day of the week it is. I’m constantly having to double check. Let’s hope I don’t end up sleeping through a Sunday bakery shift thinking it’s Tuesday or something!

What I mean to say is, sorry about forgetting to post last week! I spent my Saturday morning out walking along the Poudre River with a friend. Honestly, it was much more enjoyable than hunkering down in front of my computer writing here. I need to break up the routine more often!

But do you want to know the truth?

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Writing here always makes me a little nervous. I honestly don’t advertise this space very much. Food is such a personal topic. It has such strong cultural, familial, and emotional ties. The topic of nutrition is very opinion-laden. There’s so much variation from person to person – what works for me won’t necessarily work for you.

Yes, I make sure to fact check and find research to make sure that what I write is true. But there is so. much. we. don’t. know. There are no bad foods. Some foods are going to be better than others, but any food has some sort of value to it. And the honest truth is, I can find research to support any viewpoint. Just think of the meat-heavy Paleo diet and the carb-heavy vegetarian diet – both have valid research supporting them. Some might be stronger than others… but still.

Plus I’ve never been good at confrontation, I’m a people pleaser. I don’t want to post something that someone in the professional world might disagree with and think less of me for.

But that’s why I find it so important to make sure that my opinions are based in science. Plus I get to keep learning along the way.

So there you go. This blog actually pushes me out of my comfort zone and let’s me keep exploring nutrition research. Because of that it brings value to my life. I hope I’m able to bring value to yours as well.

I’m at a bit of a loss these days for topics to write about. Is there anything you all would like to know more about?

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